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Tin plating

Tin plating applicable on steel and ferrous metals

- Tin deposition 3 to 25 micron thick
- Shiny white colour aesthetic appearance
- Excellent electrical conductor
- Suitable for soldering

Properties and characteristics
TIN PLATING is an electrolytic tin metal deposition process; it can be used to improve electrical contacts and for soft solders; tin-plated parts are also used in castings, to enable an insert to adhere in a casting.
It has poor corrosion resistance, but, once the outer layer is oxidised, it does not degrade further due to atmospheric elements.
The thickness of the zinc coating can vary between 3 and 25 microns at the customer's request.

Corrosion Resistance
Corrosion resistance in 5% salt fog is 20 hours.

This process can be used on: electrical contacts to improve electrical conductivity; on parts to be soft-soldered or brazed; and on inserts to be embedded into castings, to facilitate the bond between the insert and the casting.
It is also used on parts that must come into contact with water (e.g. meters, taps, junctions, etc.

Application sectors
Mechanical, home appliances, aviation, textiles, farm machinery, motorcycles, automotive, nautical, electronic.