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Anodic oxidation

Surface treatment of aluminium and its alloys. Excellent corrosion protection

- Conversion of aluminium into aluminium oxide
- Light grey colour aesthetic appearance
- Good corrosion resistance
- Electrical insulator

Properties and characteristics
OXIDATION is a process that converts the part's aluminium surface into aluminium oxide, imparting excellent resistance to atmospheric elements and a pleasant light grey appearance.
The thickness can vary between 3 and 30 microns; this imparts surface electrical resistance to the treated part, as well as a hardness of up to 400 vickers; the thickness is agreed upon depending on the customer's requirements.

Corrosion resistance
In general, corrosion resistance is excellent.
However, because of the broad range of aluminium alloys, we recommend always carrying out a salt fog test to verify the duration for the alloy used in a specific production.
The treatment complies with the standards MIL-A8625

Mechanical, home appliances, aviation, textiles, farm machinery, motorcycles, automotive, nautical, electronic.